Progressive Web App - Astrolink

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Astrolink is a social network about astrology which allows users to create their own birth chart free and see their horoscope daily. There are more than 2 million users registered.

I worked as an author and engineering leader for the purpose of to build new features and optimize performance to serve a large number of concurrent users.

The PWA project was one of the big projects that I worked at the Astrolink team. I was the initiator of this project to solve a problem that was to provider a mobile experience for our users.

Tangram design system example

We used several techniques to optimize performance and allow our product to work offline and work well on mobile devices.
Techniques like code-splitting, dynamic imports and cache strategies were used to deal with performance optimization.

In 2019, I wrote a article describing more details about this implementation, where I do deeper into issues related to techniques used in Progressive Web App.

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