Tangram Design System - RD Station

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The Tangram Design System is a set of fundamental principles, interface standards and detailed components, from concepts to their applications.

The main purpose of this system is to give more autonomy so that teams can quickly create consistent and high-quality experiences.

As a Head of development in the Design System I was responsible for:

  • Creating all initial structure;
  • Code standards and handbooks for collaboration;
  • Creating methodologies of releases and publishes;
  • Coding complex components;
  • Building tools for developers;
  • Identifying the next steps for the project;
  • Ensuring the quality of the lib educating contributors with good practices adopted for all team;
  • Measuring the complexity of our deliverables;
  • Reporting updates on our activities for all company;

Click on the link below to see the result.Tangram Design System

Tangram design system example